New Name, Elevated Service

Grandview Catering & Events

Grandview Catering & Events provides handcrafted fare and unique experiences brought to life by culinary and event professionals inspired by the latest trends and classic comforts. We focus on attention to detail, quality ingredients and sustainable practices with exceptional customer service. We proudly serve Appalachian State University campuses as well as off-site events for university affiliated businesses, community members and alumni with Grandview Ballroom featured as our premiere event space. Book an event with us at the Grandview Ballroom , or request our catering services for your next event


If the items you are serving are baked goods, pizzas, and /or coffee and beverages that are prepared in a commercial kitchen there is no need to fill out the Grandview Catering & Events Right of First Refusal form. No additional food may be served without approval.

The preparation and sale of food and beverages on campus (not including the items listed above) is reserved exclusively for Grandview Catering & Events. If you would like to use a different vendor for food at any function, a Right of First Refusal form must be completed and approved.