Our Team

Meet Grandview and App Catering Staff

Amanda Hood

Amanda Hood


Favorite Menu Items: Anything made by our pastry chef

Why Do You Love Your Job: Every day is different! I love seeing events come to life in Grandview Ballroom after the planning phases, as well as seeing how food brings an event to life everywhere else on and off campus.

Anthony Bates

Anthony Bates

Executive Chef

Favorite Menu Items: Everything is fantastic. I suggest trying something you haven't had before.

Why Do You Love Your Job: I love my job because it is a fast-paced environment, especially when you are working in the catering kitchen.

Chuck Ford

Chuck Ford

Associate Director

Favorite Menu Items: Ratatouille Crostini and Asiago Potato Souffle

Why Do You Love Your Job: I love my job because of the gratification of realizing that when we cater events, we are a small part, but an integral part of helping make special memories that our guests will remember indefinitely.

Devan Roddel

Devon Roddel


Favorite Menu Item: Sweet potato black bean cakes have always been my #1. The noodles and grain bowls are amazing, too.

Why Do You Love Your Job: I love my job because it is so much fun serving delicious food with beautiful displays! Also, I’m presented every day with opportunities to grow professionally and personally!

Heather Stewart

Operations Coordinator

Favorite Menu Item: Gorgonzola Steak

Why Do You Love Your Job: I love my job because of the people! We have some of the hardest working students and staff on our team.

Lisa Krenn

Lisa Krenn

Catering & Events Specialist

Favorite Menu Item: My favorite lunch item is the Smoked Turkey Melt - I love, love, love that sandwich. The bread is always fresh and all of the ingredients are clean and crisp.  From the dinner menu, my favorite is the Chicken Monticello because it is very elegant and tasty especially with the mashed potatoes. I also love the granola bar so much that I place orders for my own personal use.

Why Do You Love Your Job: I love helping others and helping to create an event from the ground up.

Mike Wiles

Mike Wiles

Executive Sous Chef

Favorite Menu Item: I couldn't pick a single menu item because everything is pretty phenomenal.

Why Do You Love Your Job: I love my job because making food is my passion, and I get to come to work each day and do just that!