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Alcohol Policy

Permission to Serve Alcohol at App State Flow Chart

The preparation and sale of food and beverages on campus is reserved exclusively for Grandview Catering & Events. This includes alcoholic beverages due to our department holding the ABC permits. The department will also staff TIPS certified bartenders. 

Event hosts and guests cannot bring their own alcohol to consume, and they cannot buy it elsewhere to have a Grandview Catering & Events employee serve it. "BYO" drinks cannot be served without the University subjecting itself to liability, extensive fines and the potential for the ABC to rescind all permits. Grandview Catering & Events can provide beer and wine for your event. Liquor cannot be provided and is not approved to be served or consumed at events on campus. 

If beer or wine is donated by an official sponsor, the product must be delivered by the vendor directly the day before the event, set up and served by our staff, then taken back to the kitchen with our staff and picked up the following day. This is the only exception and must be vetted and approved in advance.


As per the University's Alcohol Policy:

"Events including alcoholic beverages, provided through University Catering, are approved through University Events as University Catering is the only campus pre-approved provider for alcoholic beverages."

"University Catering staff shall serve all alcoholic beverages at any approved event unless the event host applies for and receives an Off-Campus Catering Permit prior to the event."

For the entire policy, visit https://policy.appstate.edu/Alcohol_at_University_Events


  • A Budget Code needs to be provided PRIOR to the event and will be charged AFTER the event.
  • If any items are being charged on consumption (soda cans or alcohol), the actual amount consumed will be calculated after the event and the adjustments made to your invoice prior to being billed.

Outdoor Events

To ensure employee safety and food quality, the client must secure a rain location for any outdoor event. In consultation with event hosts, Grandview Catering will make a decision to move the event to the rain location four hours before the start of the event if necessary.


  • If you need to cancel your catering order, you must do so in writing (via email) at least 7 days prior to the event.
  • Events canceled without at least 7 days notice will be charged 50% of the total quoted price to cover costs of food and beverage that have been ordered specifically for your event.
  • Any cancellation charges due to official university-imposed closures, the cancellation fee will be waived.

Client Responsibilities

  • Communicate with your venue contact about the need for food tables and how you would like it to be se up.
  • Notify Grandview Catering & Events within 14 days of any requested menu changes.
  • Notify Grandview Catering & Events within 7 days of the FINAL guest count.
  • Communicate with Grandview Catering & Events regarding special requests, location changes, allergies and anything specifically related to the food and beverage portion of your event.

Operational Charge

An operational charge is automatically applied to every event. This fee helps to offset the costs of our overhead and business operations including, but not limited to, catering truck gas and maintenance, administrative costs, maintenance of Grandview Ballroom, purchase of catering kitchen equipment, and general repairs. This is not a gratuity.

Guaranteed Guest Count

A final number of guests must be provided no later than seven (7) days prior to the event. If your guest count reduces within the seven days, you will be charged for the amount contracted at the seven day mark to account for food that has been ordered and prepared. If your guest count increases, we will do our best to accommodate the increased amount of food but it cannot be guaranteed.

Set Up and Serveware

For an additional fee, we offer several options for serveware and linen if you are needing tablecloths, napkins, china, silver and glassware for your event. We do NOT provide tables, chairs or decorations.

Special Dietary Needs

It is essential that clients alert the catering coordinator of specific dietary needs during menu planning prior to the event. Grandview Catering & Events makes every effort to mark food allergens and train staff appropriately; however, ingredients and nutritional content may vary. Manufacturers may change their product formulation or consistency of ingredients without Catering’s knowledge, and product availability may fluctuate. Customers should also note that consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

It is, therefore, ultimately the responsibility of the client to judge whether or not to question ingredients or choose to eat selected foods.

Our Commitment To Sustainability

Food deliveries will be made in 100% compostable or recyclable containers with 100% compostable or recyclable service items unless otherwise requested. Additionally, beverages will be in recyclable cans or bottles.

Leftovers & Liability

The client is responsible for informing the staff prior to the event if the food is to be saved and a limited number of to-go containers can be provided to the client at the conclusion of the event (not prior to the conclusion). Should no instruction be given, all leftover food and drink will be disposed of by Catering at the conclusion of the meal function. This policy is to limit the risk of foodborne illness due to improper handling or storage of leftover food items in accordance with recommendations from the Health Department regarding food health and safety. Any food items that leave the event with the client or guests are the responsibility of the client or guest. Grandview Catering and Events will not be held responsible for food safety once the event concludes.

For pick-up and drop-off orders, it is the client’s sole responsibility to ensure food safety once the items are picked up or delivered. By signing this agreement, you agree to serve the food in a timely manner and in the way in which it was prepared.

Right of First Refusal

Permission to Serve Food at App State Flow Chart

The preparation and sale of food and beverages on campus is reserved exclusively for Grandview Catering & Events. If you would like to use a different vendor for food at any function, a Right of First Refusal form must be completed.

Exceptions may be granted by Grandview Catering & Events to use another vendor are reviewed and approved on a case by case basis.

This Right of First Refusal form is required for all catered events or activities held on Appalachian property that are hosted or administered for university-sponsored functions or that use university managed funds. 

It is understood that there are to be no sales on-site, that only members and guests of the sponsored event may be served, and the host organization is responsible for adhering to food safety measures. Clean up of the area following the function is the responsibility of the caterer and/or sponsored organization.


In order to achieve Grandview Catering & Event’s high standards for cuisine and service, staffing needs will be determined by the catering coordinator according to the type of event and guest count. Labor will be included as part of the proposal and invoice.